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DBA Member Appreciation Month Kicks Off on Monday!!!

It is because of you, that the Denver Bar Association is currently in its 125th year of serving the Colorado legal community! There are no words that can fully express our appreciation for your continued membership, support and time, so

Nomination Period for the Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year Award Closes Oct. 14

The nomination period for the CBA Gary McPherson Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year Award is open. We invite you to nominate Colorado Bar Association Young Lawyers Division members in good standing who have made outstanding contributions to the legal

Council Member Highlight: Jill Mullen

Find out more about your DBA Young Lawyers Division Council members. Jill works at the Colorado State Senate Minority office as the Civic Engagement Director. She hails from Austin, TX and who if she weren’t a lawyer would be an emu rancher. Find out

2016 Barristers Benefit Ball and the Superheroes of MVL

By Philip Lietaer Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Metro Volunteer Lawyers (MVL) is the largest pro bono program of the Denver Bar Association and is co-sponsored by the Adams/Broomfield, Arapahoe, Douglas/Elbert, and First Judicial District Bar Associations. MVL’s mission

A Message from DBA President Janet Drake

Access to justice is critical. People need access to our courts and judicial system, regardless of their economic status, race, gender, sexual preference or age. People need to understand their rights and the processes required to protect those rights. Since

How to Know When You’re Ready to Go Solo

By Melanie Fischer You may have considered the possibility of opening your own solo practice. You may be quite sure that you want to open your own firm, but you may be less sure about the best time frame. Should

Law Student Chronicles: In a Crisis of Faith God’s Grace is Enough

By Shaquille Turner The first semester of my third-year in law school was accompanied by a crisis of faith. I had a momentary bout with amnesia. I forgot how I made it to the third-year, and for that reason I

A Message from CBA President Loren Brown: Renew Your Spark

One of the great things about being CBA president is getting the opportunity to be involved in many great events throughout the year. Looking back at 2015, one of the most impactful events I took part in was the swearing-in

The Law School Graduate’s Complete Guide to Choosing a Career

By Judge Anthony P. Calisi (ret.) A career in law has long been considered a smart move and rewarding and not solely from a financial point of view. The problem for new law school graduates who are seeking out their

Opening a Small Firm – How to Survive the First Three Years

By Branigan Robertson Starting a law firm isn’t easy. The first three years are the toughest. I opened my employment firm three years ago and it has certainly been a wild ride. Looking back, I realize now that most solo


October is Legal Professionalism Month in Colorado, as proclaimed by Chief Justice Nancy Rice, Colorado Bar Association President Loren Brown, and Deans Martin Katz and Phil Weiser. Each week this month, we will be sharing a professionalism pearl of wisdom from a

How to Land Clients as a New Solo Attorney

by Melanie Fischer If you are a new solo attorney, or if you are thinking about hanging your shingle, you might be concerned about how and where you will find your initial clients. Just about every new solo attorney thinks

The Docket Sits Down with Newly Appointed Supreme Court Justice Richard Gabriel

By Keith Lewis Justice Richard L. Gabriel was sworn in as the 104th Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court on September 1, 2015, marking a new chapter in the former Court of Appeals Judge’s prolific career. The Docket recently sat

Practical Advice for New Law School Graduates

By William L. Pfeifer Jr. One of the first things that new graduates from law school realize as they start their legal careers is that law school did not teach them very much about how to practice law. Although each

Nicole Marie Black—Reestablishing the Bar as a Home for Young Lawyers

by Danaé D. Woody As the 2015–16 Chair of the CBA Young Lawyers Division (YLD or Division), Nicole Marie Black has lofty plans for the Division. Black comes to the leadership position at what she characterizes to be a unique

The Best Pricing Advice I Ever Received

By Jordan Furlong So it was the summer of 1983, and I had reached that particular stage of adolescence when your parents have finally managed, after a long succession of hints, to get across the idea that this would be

Council Spotlight: Jeffrey Land

Meet your Denver Bar Association Young Lawyer’s Division Executive Council Jeffrey Land is originally from Tennessee, and often visited his grandmother for vacation in Colorado. Jeffrey attended CU-Boulder for undergrad and Florida Coastal for law school. He is a solo-practitioner

Lawyers Go Zen, With Few Objections

By Jacob Gershman Attorneys reconsider the profession’s ‘Rambo’ image in favor of a more meditative, laid-back style

Lawyers With Lowest Pay Report More Happiness

By Douglas Quenqua Of the many rewards associated with becoming a lawyer — wealth, status, stimulating work — day-to-day happiness has never been high on the list. Perhaps, a new study suggests, that is because lawyers and law students are

The Road Worrier: Court Etiquette

By Greg D. Rawlings Recently, I was in the security line snaking into Denver’s relatively new courthouse when I noticed that the woman behind me was wearing pajamas and bedroom slippers. Then I noticed that her boyfriend—who I smelled before