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Give Value to Your Services: Find the Right Client

by Lisa Hardin As a new attorney who decided to open her own estate planning law firm, I am faced with the ongoing challenge of finding clients.  More specifically: finding the right clients. 

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Hanging Your Shingle: Make A Plan & Network

by Christopher Steele When I graduated in May of 2011, I was extremely discouraged by the lack of prospects in the job market and I wasn’t sure where to turn. Whenever I asked experienced attorneys what I should do, it seemed

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The Impact of Colorado’s Civil Unions Act on Estate Planning

by Emily L. Bloedel In the past twenty years, Colorado has gone from being dubbed the “hate state” for its discrimination against same-sex individuals (See Romer v. Evans, 517 U.S. 620 (1996)) to allowing civil unions. Beginning at midnight on May

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EPA Fuel Regulation: Saving the Renewable Fuels Program

By Elisabeth Hutchinson Last summer, news broke that supposed ethanol producers were fraudulently reaping the benefits of Congress’s efforts to encourage America’s use of renewable fuels through the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) Program. The sale of fraudulent renewable fuel credits, known

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Is Your Licensing Agreement Really a Franchise? And What Are the Consequences if It Is?

By Laura Liss A franchise is, at its core, a licensing agreement.  So what morphs a commonplace licensing agreement into a franchise? A license becomes a franchise when: One grants another the right engage in a business; Using the grantor’s

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