Re-post: 5 tips to achieve better work-life balance this summer

Summer is officially here, and while it is no shorter than other seasons, it seems to fly by much more quickly. As such, it is critical that we maximize the fun while still maintaining, and hopefully, growing our law practice. While this sounds impossible, the five tips below will make it really quite easy:

1. Plan vacations early and often

Everyone is entitled to a vacation — even busy lawyers. And there is no better time to plan for the well-deserved vacation than summer. This is because summer is traditionally the time that most people take their vacations. Let’s face it, when you tell your clients that you are going to a beach resort in October, they are likely to grimace and groan and even perhaps question your dedication to your practice. But when you talk about taking the same beach vacation in August, no one will bat an eyelash. That is because vacation is expected, and even encouraged during the summer months. And if you can take more than one vacation during the summer, most clients will not even notice. In fact, they will be thankful to find you in the office at all during the summer!

2. Take advantage of everyone else being away

Summer, being the relaxed time that it is, gives us all a chance to catch our breath. Since our colleagues, adversaries, and Judges are often vacationing at different times during the summer, the rest of us who are working have the opportunity to focus on work that’s been piling up, special projects we haven’t tackled and client development that we put on the back burner. In fact, there is no better time than summer to take clients out to special events such as baseball games, outdoor cafes for lunch, concerts in the park etc. They will appreciate the special attention and you will enjoy the benefit of the outdoor activity as well.

3. Schedule some outdoor time each and every day

The best parts of summer are the longer days and beautiful weather. When the sun is shining, no one should be cooped up in an office for too long. So, to make the most of the summer, be sure to schedule some outside time each and every day. Go for a walk at lunch, take your coffee break in the park, walk or ride your bike to and from work. Grab that outside time as much and in any way that you can.


You will be hard pressed to reach most lawyers on a Friday afternoon in the summer. If your work is done, or you can take it with you for the weekend, take advantage of some extended weekend time in the summer. Nothing is better than arriving at the beach in time for sunset or taking a late afternoon swim to kick off the weekend. You can make up for the lost work hours in the winter.

5. Remember that summertime is limited

Summer does not go on forever, which is a good thing for productivity. Come September, the kids will be back in school, judges will be back from vacation, our staff will be back from the beach and everything will resume normal operation. Keep this in mind when becoming frustrated about the summertime schedule. Since you cannot change the chaos, you might as well join it by following tips 1 through 4 above.

Work-life balance in the summertime often favors life over work, and this is a good thing. After all, during the remaining nine months of the year, the balance often tips in favor of work. So embrace the summer and savor every delicious moment. Winter will be back before you know it!