The CBA Ethics Committee is Here to Help

The CBA Ethics Committee is a standing committee comprised of about 90 attorneys, and meets throughout the year on the third Saturday of each month. Each year, the committee adds between 5-10 new members, while some older members have been involved with this committee for 30 years or more. The Ethics Committee’s purpose is to provide ethics advice to Colorado lawyers. There are several ways in which this advice is available.

ImageGen.ashx_Website Resources
From the ethics page on the CBA’s website, you can access a multitude of resources including formal opinions (or here by subject),  letter opinions, theRules of Professional Conduct and many other ethics’ related links.

Ethics Hotline—303-860-1115
Help is just a phone call away. A number of committee members representing a wide range of practice areas are available on a voluntary basis for a brief discussion regarding an urgent ethical dilemma or question. The calling committee members receive calls from CBA members on a rotating basis. The calling committee generally expects an inquiring attorney to be able to state to ethical question concisely and have an awareness of the controlling Rule of Professional Conduct. As an informal inquiry, the response by an individual calling committee member does not reflect the position of the Ethics Committee as a whole. The Ethics Hotline attorneys will not do research for the caller, but will talk the caller through the issue and provide general guidance. You can reach Hotline members by calling the Colorado Bar Association office at 303-860-1115 or 800-332-6736.

Ethics Email—
Email submissions should indicate whether an Informal Letter Opinion of the committee or an immediate response (“E-Response”) is requested.  Like telephone responses, E-Responses are solely the opinions of individual committee members and not the considered opinions of the entire committee.  The responding committee member reserves the option to respond to an inquiry in either telephone or email format.

Periodically, upon specific request, the Ethics Committee, as a whole, will answer written requests for ethics advice, subject to certain exceptions such as those listed below, as Informal Letter Opinions. Pursuant to its by-laws, the Committee is not obliged to respond to questions:

  • about completed conduct;
  • about another attorney’s conduct;
  • about law rather than ethics;
  • about matters in litigation;
  • from a non-attorney;
  • when the inquirer (e.g. caller) will not identify him or herself.

The CBA Ethics Committee is here to help you with your practice. Take advantage of all our resources!