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5 Ways to De-stress Without Leaving Your Desk

We’ve all been there before. Sometimes you know that taking a step backand heading outside for a breath of fresh air would help you power through the day, but you’re stuck at your desk waiting for a call, or you have

Mindfulness for Lawyers: Decrease Your Stress and Improve Your Performance

By Debra Austin, “Mindfulness” involves increased awareness of what is happening from moment to moment. It requires letting go of ruminating about the past and worrying about the future. It has been defined as being fully attuned to the moment

Re-post: 5 tips to achieve better work-life balance this summer

Summer is officially here, and while it is no shorter than other seasons, it seems to fly by much more quickly. As such, it is critical that we maximize the fun while still maintaining, and hopefully, growing our law practice.

You Really Aren’t Alone: An Anonymous Testimonial

If wellness and professionalism go hand-in hand, then illness must be its antithesis. As an outwardly successful professional who struggled with alcohol abuse and the fear, shame, isolation, and loneliness that it engendered, I tell my story. If you get

All in the Family: How Stress Affects Attorneys and Those They Love

By Jessica Warren and Zach Warren From the most recent COLAP Wellness corner, we all know that the practice of law can exact a toll in terms of stress, anxiety and overall quality of life. For decades, these challenges were

Lawyer’s Softball League

The lawyers’ softball league returns to action June 4, with the league running Sunday mornings into August at Crestmoor Park. This is a non-competitive league, friends, family, clients, law-school chums, and complete strangers are welcome. Contact Jack Tanner for more

How to Avoid Professional Burnout

By Melanie Fischer If you wake up in the morning feeling stress, anxiety, or gloom about what the day has in store for you, you might be experiencing burnout. People can feel burnout in just about any aspect of their

Don’t Let Life Pass You By

By Sarah Myers Your Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program (COLAP) is happy to announce our new COLAP Wellness Corner in The Docket. You will now find in every issue an article with simple yet thoughtful advice about how to reduce your