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Law Student Chronicles: Legal Lessons

By Deanna Alfred As my second year of law school comes to a graceful close, I can’t help but marvel at how quickly these past 19 months have passed since I timidly walked into the University of Colorado Law School.

Podcast: The Art of Giving the Perfect Presentation

By Jacob Sapochnick What is it that gets you ahead in business? According to Idit Neuderfer it’s all about being memorable and creating a connection. Idit comes from the world of theatre and now uses what she has learnt there

Careers in International Law Panels

By Kristi Disney Interested in international law? Looking to expand your horizons? Join CBA YLD for a “Careers in International Law” Panel. We are co-sponsoring two panels: Tuesday March 3, 6:00pm at CU Wolf Law Building Room 207 and Thursday March 5,

Law Student Chronicles: Ty Nagamatsu

By Ty Nagamatsu I believe the last time I wrote, I was in the throes of fall semester finals. Well, I survived as did the family. My husband and I took Sloane back East for the holidays where Sloane rode

Do you have what it takes to be a rural lawyer?

Podcast from Legal Talk Network Many young law grads are being urged to move out of large cities and into rural areas, where there aren’t as many attorneys competing for work.

DBA Fosters Involvement Through Its 15 by 15 Initiative—One Young Lawyer’s Experience

by Andrew Herre Several months ago, I received an email from the Denver Bar Association seeking volunteers to discuss retention rates for younger attorneys. This group, later named the 15×15 Task Force, was put together to John Vaught, the DBA

RIDING THE BICYCLE: Advice to Help Young Lawyers Start Pedaling

By Judge Robert L. McGahey, Jr. When I was teaching each of my kids to ride a bicycle, I had options. I could lecture them on riding a bicycle. I could read them a book about riding a bicycle. I

Message From Your Chair Elisabeth Mankamyer

I cannot believe that it is already October! If you’re like me, you are wondering how fall snuck up on us so quickly and aren’t quite ready to pull out those winter clothes. You may also be thinking about your

Things You Didn’t Learn In Law School: Choosing The Right Technology

By Nicole Black These days, technology is a large part of the back end of a law office. Technology helps streamline your law practice and can often simplify your law firm’s processes, saving you both time and money. But that’s

What You Should Consider When Starting A Solo Law Practice

a lawyer has to consider many new business details that were unnecessary while working for a larger firm. How do taxes differ for sole proprietorships versus other entity types? What are the necessary business or trust accounts for each individual lawyer? What is the most important thing to consider when paying taxes and acquiring insurance?

Networking for lawyers who don’t like networking

By David M. Ward Think of a professional, business owner, or executive, you know. Got it? Okay, next, think of someone else you know in the same market or community who (you are pretty sure) doesn’t know the first person.

The Colorado Bar Associations’s Golden Book of Anecdotes and Wisdom—From Attorneys, For Attorneys

In the 1950s, when I was a student at the University of Colorado Law School, we had a professor named Fred Storke who taught Contracts and Conflicts of Law. Looking back, he had great wisdom. Although I am sure none

Law Student Chronicles: And Baby Makes Three

By Ty Nagamatsu As you may know, the Law Student Chronicles is a new column giving Docket readers a glimpse into what the typical law school experience is like for today’s law student. I’ll begin my chronicle with the disclaimer

Special Announcement Regarding Proposed Changes to the Public Interest Loan Forgiveness Program

The Obama Administration’s proposed FY2015 budget includes some changes to student loan programs and public service loan forgiveness (PSLF) programs that may concern law students and young lawyers.

Be a Small-Town Lawyer

Roy Ginsberg

by Roy S. Ginsburg No one needs to remind law students and recent law school graduates about the dismal job market. Only 85 percent of the class of 2012 found a job of any kind post-graduation — and only 64

Member Spotlight: Sara Sharp

Meet Sara Sharp, a former blackjack dealer from Tennessee who is traveling to Nepal next month. Sara says she would be a librarian if she wasn’t a lawyer and describes herself as enthusiastic, happy, literate. Sara works at Fennemore Craig.

ART Law Basics in Colorado

Or why E! News host Giuliana Rancic and others travel from around the world to Colorado to build their families by Ellen E. Trachman

Council Spotlight: Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is a Hearings Officer with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. She previously clerked at the Oregon Department of Justice and the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office before returning home to Colorado after law school. Sarah has been a member of the DBA YLD Executive Council for two years, where she focuses on planning events for young lawyers.

Emergency Unemployment Compensation

Kate Beckman

by Kate W. Beckman On December 28, 2013, about 1.3 million unemployed people lost federal unemployment benefits.  Congress is currently on break after letting a program expire that pays federal benefits to unemployed Americans when their state benefits run out. 

Council Spotlight: Jessica Black Livingston

Meet your Denver Bar Association Young Lawyer’s Division Executive Council Jessica Black Livingston is an associate at Hogan Lovells, where her practice focuses on complex commercial litigation, white collar and fraud investigations, and False Claims Act litigation.  Jessica spent a year