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Solo Not Alone: Consulting Lawyers and Other Professionals When Starting Your Own Firm

By Damian J. Arguello There is an old adage that virtually every lawyer has heard: A lawyer who represents himself or herself has a fool for a client. This can be especially applicable when a lawyer decides to open up

Hanging Your Own Shingle with Kids

By Lara Zarzecki These days, there are so many of us hanging our own shingle for a number of different reasons – flexibility, low overhead, the desire to interact directly with clients and the ability to curate your own clientele

Building Our Dreams: The Finances of Law Firm Startups

By Drew Hefflefinger Who is tired of making someone else’s dream come true? The sacrifice, the hours, the faceless P&L reports. Learning how passionate and dedicated attorneys are, it is no wonder that many seek entrepreneurship as a means of

FREE Webinar—Seven Steps to Going Solo—Tuesday, Nov. 15

Are you thinking about hanging your shingle? Every lawyer—at some point—considers opening their own law firm. Running your own practice means your name is on the letterhead. There are no partners to placate, and all the proceeds go directly into

Coffee Talk Review: Lawyer’s Guide to Purchasing Malpractice Insurance

By Drew Hefflefinger, CFP® Business risk is a constant threat to entrepreneurs and if not managed properly can lead to disaster. By having a plan in place that addresses these risks the business owner can feel confident about the sustainability

How to Know When You’re Ready to Go Solo

By Melanie Fischer You may have considered the possibility of opening your own solo practice. You may be quite sure that you want to open your own firm, but you may be less sure about the best time frame. Should

Creating Work-Life Balance as a Solo Attorney

By Melanie Fischer Everyone wants to find the right work-life balance. No matter the profession, the ability to balance your life at work with your life at home can be a struggle. Especially in your early professional years, it can

4 Effective Automation Tools to Funnel Clients into Your Solo Practice

By Gabriel Levin As a new lawyer with a solo practice, everyone is likely impressing the importance of networking upon you. Networking is important, and it’s an imperative part of your overall marketing plan, but it isn’t everything. Hopefully by

Things To Learn During Your First Year as a Solo Attorney

 By Melanie Fischer First it was elementary school, then middle school, then high school, then college, and finally law school. After almost two decades in school, you are probably pretty excited to stop all the learning and begin working and

How to Stand Out as a New Solo Attorney

By Melanie Fischer When it comes to standing out from the crowd as a new solo attorney, one of the most important factors is differentiation. How are you different from every other solo attorney that practices in the same area

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End of Summer Reading List for Young and New Lawyers

By the CBA Law Practice Management Department The following books can all be found in the CBA’s Lending Library. For more information on what books are available and how to check them out, click here.

The Best Pricing Advice I Ever Received

By Jordan Furlong So it was the summer of 1983, and I had reached that particular stage of adolescence when your parents have finally managed, after a long succession of hints, to get across the idea that this would be

Mastering Small Talk

By Dean C. Hirt On April 1, professional speaker, bestselling author, conversation expert, and communication guru, Debra Fine, spoke at the Denver Bar Association offices on the art of small talk. While Fine’s presentation was titled “Small talk…It’s No Joke!”

Flying Solo: 10 Things I Wish I Knew (Part 1)

By Jeena Cho This year marks the sixth anniversary of JC Law Group PC (exactly six and a half years, but who’s counting?). Had someone told me that I’d be running my own practice when I graduated from law school in

Best Bet for Finding A Legal Job After Law School: Bet On Yourself

By Carolyn Elefant Although employment prospects for new law grads are showing signs of life, overall post-graduation employment remains at a dismal  56 percent average rate for all law schools.  And while connections, solid skills and networking can improve the

Podcast: The Art of Giving the Perfect Presentation

By Jacob Sapochnick What is it that gets you ahead in business? According to Idit Neuderfer it’s all about being memorable and creating a connection. Idit comes from the world of theatre and now uses what she has learnt there

Arbitration for New Lawyers: Getting Your Ducks in a Row

By J. Anthony Vittal As courts have become ever more congested, with caseloads outpacing staffing increases and funding levels under the budgetary axe, lawyers and litigants have turned with increasing frequency to arbitration as a mechanism for extrajudicial dispute resolution.

4 Things I wish I knew Before Starting a Law Firm

Over the course of my career, I have also had the honor of hiring, training, supervising (and unfortunately terminating) scores of young lawyers.

Choosing Your Specialty: Areas of Law for the Successful Solo Practitioner

Podcast from Legal Talk Network

A Guide to E-Discovery Technology and Collection

By Nate Latessa I’m sure you’ve heard it before—data is growing at an unbelievable pace. The amount of data existing today will double by 2020. A few years ago a terabyte (TB) sounded like an unfathomable amount of data. Recently,