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Legal Marketing Etiquette in the 21st Century

By Meranda M. Vieyra Good etiquette doesn’t cost a thing. Bad etiquette can cost you everything. In the legal industry, we have our own ways, customs, standards and norms when it comes to marketing etiquette. Lawyers can use etiquette as

Using Social Media to Network

By Melanie Fischer, Social media. You probably either love it or hate it. But regardless of your personal feelings about social media, it’s a fantastic tool that can be used to connect with prospective clients. When it comes to using

How Lawyers Can Maximize Their Presence on LinkedIn in Five Smart Steps

By Meranda Vieyra LinkedIn is one of the most powerful networking and social selling tools available for professionals — including lawyers.The company advertises that more than 450 million people are registered users; this number literally grows by the second (two

So, How Do You Look?

By Merrilyn Astin Tarlton The first — and most important — marketing steps that any young lawyer must take are to:

Webinar: Successful Start—Cultivating Your Professional Profile

By Pilar Rodarte Your YLD: Successful Start—Cultivating Your Professional Profile from Colorado Bar Association on Vimeo.   Look for more information videos by the CBA Young Lawyers Division in the coming months.

Top Ten Networking Tips—Infograph

By Emma Garrison

Nomination Period for the Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year Award Closes Oct. 14

The nomination period for the CBA Gary McPherson Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year Award is open. We invite you to nominate Colorado Bar Association Young Lawyers Division members in good standing who have made outstanding contributions to the legal

What’s Up With Your Elevator Speech?

By Paul Miller Since getting out there and meeting the masses is important to generating new business, having an effective elevator speech (or pitch) is a marketing tool that every lawyer needs. It communicates to prospective clients, who you are,

Most lawyers are introverted, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing

By Leslie E. Gordon As a child, Airina Rodrigues was an early reader and, by choice, spent a lot of time alone. “I had friends,” she recalls, “but I needed time alone to unwind and decompress. That’s where I gained

Intrapreneurship: The Junior Associate Path to Business Development Success

By Jay Harrington It’s widely accepted that law schools don’t do a very good job — or in many cases don’t do anything at all — to teach law students how to develop business. Many commentators lament this failure, criticizing schools for

New Business Comes from Successful Follow Up – A Review of Jeanne Lee’s Workshop for Women Rainmakers

By Klaralee Charlton Business development is necessary for almost every attorney at some stage in their career. The skill comes naturally to some, but for the rest of us, business development can be a painful, but necessary task. Due to

4 Effective Automation Tools to Funnel Clients into Your Solo Practice

By Gabriel Levin As a new lawyer with a solo practice, everyone is likely impressing the importance of networking upon you. Networking is important, and it’s an imperative part of your overall marketing plan, but it isn’t everything. Hopefully by

How Did She Do That? Women and Marketing Inside the Law Firm

By Law Technology Today One of the often-ignored venues for business development is the internal one, in your own law firm and with current clients. If cultivated properly, internal referral sources of business can be the low-hanging fruit of business development. Because the

How to Conquer Anxiety and Break the Ice during Professional Events

Do you get social anxiety thinking about networking at big events? Is it hard to make connections with other lawyers? Focus on what you can learn about others, rather than telling people about yourself, business development coach Larry Kohn tells

How to Stand Out as a New Solo Attorney

By Melanie Fischer When it comes to standing out from the crowd as a new solo attorney, one of the most important factors is differentiation. How are you different from every other solo attorney that practices in the same area

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End of Summer Reading List for Young and New Lawyers

By the CBA Law Practice Management Department The following books can all be found in the CBA’s Lending Library. For more information on what books are available and how to check them out, click here.

Using Social Media to Market Your Solo Practice

By now we’ve all heard about social media marketing for law firms and other businesses. Everybody online seems to be talking about Facebook likes, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, and even using Instagram, Pinterest, and Slideshare to market companies and firms

10 Small Talk Tips That’ll Make You Forget You Ever Had to Rely on “So, How About That Weather?”

By Vernon Gunnarson People who are naturally good at small talk are an unusually lucky lot. While they can easily ramble on about, well, anything, we’re stuck brainstorming what to say next.

When Persuading, Body Language Beats Words

By Janet Ellen Raasch In any law firm, there is a lot of persuasion going on. Persuasion and negotiation are, after all, essential skills in the practice of law. But they are also important in other tasks performed at law

Introducing the CBA’s IMPROVED Online Find A Lawyer Directory

By Alexa Drago Get Found—Update Your Listing Today All CBA members receive a free premium listing trial until January 1, 2016.