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Millennials Are Changing The Legal Profession In An Unexpected Way

Millennials have made an impression on the modern workplace that will forever change how companies operate. Benefits, recruiting, and company culture often change because of expectations set by young employees. Some industries, however, are changing due to an indirect impact

Raising the Bar: A Conversation with DBA YLD Chair Klaralee Charlton

By Jessica Volz For Klaralee Charlton, perhaps nothing could be more thrilling than becoming chair of the Young Lawyers Division (YLD) during the Denver Bar Association’s 125th anniversary — a year made all the more significant by the fact that

How Did She Do That? Women and Marketing Inside the Law Firm

By Law Technology Today One of the often-ignored venues for business development is the internal one, in your own law firm and with current clients. If cultivated properly, internal referral sources of business can be the low-hanging fruit of business development. Because the

Stat Of The Week: The Pill = More Women Lawyers?

By Above the Law In 1970, women made up 10% of first-year law students. Today, just under half of first-year law students are women. Within that same time frame, the age of first marriage dropped and the pill became more

My Other Job Is in a Law Office: 10 People You Didn’t Know Were Lawyers

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Best Bet for Finding A Legal Job After Law School: Bet On Yourself

By Carolyn Elefant Although employment prospects for new law grads are showing signs of life, overall post-graduation employment remains at a dismal  56 percent average rate for all law schools.  And while connections, solid skills and networking can improve the

DBA Fosters Involvement Through Its 15 by 15 Initiative—One Young Lawyer’s Experience

by Andrew Herre Several months ago, I received an email from the Denver Bar Association seeking volunteers to discuss retention rates for younger attorneys. This group, later named the 15×15 Task Force, was put together to John Vaught, the DBA

As fewer law grads become lawyers, the profession shows its age

by Debra Cassens Weiss The legal profession is aging as the percentage of younger lawyers continues to shrink in a decades-long trend.

How Does Legal Mentoring Fit Into Today’s Evolving Legal Profession?

By John Baker, CAMP Director Young lawyers – you should seek out and “latch onto” as many professional legal mentors as you can! Mentors will not only act as a role model to help you develop your own “professional identity,”

A Roundtable Discussion: What Young Lawyers Need to Do Now

By Nicholas Gaffney For young lawyers, today is the best of times. The legal industry is more exciting and dynamic than ever, with technology bringing about rapid change in the practice of law as well as new opportunities. In other

Choosing Your Specialty: Areas of Law for the Successful Solo Practitioner

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The CBA’s Golden Book of Anecdotes and Wisdom—From Attorneys, For Attorneys

By Ralph Josephsohn Rhyme of the Ancient Barrister

How to Make a Modest Means Practice Work for You

by Danaé D. Woody, Esq. While serving clients with modest means may not seem like a goal belonging at the top of one’s How to Become a Successful Lawyer list, here are 8 reasons why young lawyers today cannot afford not

Law Student Chronicles: 1L Life—The Second Hardest Part of Law School

By Deanna Alfred After finishing my first semester finals, I believed the hardest part of law school was behind me. I endured the fear and trepidation and emerged from it mentally unscathed, but with a possible case of scoliosis (seriously

Strategies for Expanding into a New Practice Area

by Debra L. Bruce, JD, PCC Many areas of law practice tend to cycle up and down over time. Savvy attorneys keep enough capital reserves to get them through the predictable lean times. The business volatility in recent years has

Six Suggestions for Staying Afloat in a Competitive Job Pool

by Jeffrey N. Street, Jr. After enjoying a well-deserved celebration for passing the bar exam, newly licensed attorneys start wading into their careers. For some, a prearranged job at a law firm awaits them once the bar results are posted.

25 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I was a First Year Lawyer

By Cordell Parvin Originally posted on Cordell Parvin Blog What do I wish someone had told me when I was a first year lawyer? What do you wish someone had told you?Here is my current thinking on what I wish

15 fairly new legal industry jobs and 6 more you may see soon – ABA Journal

Stephanie Francis Ward

by Stephanie Francis Ward The profession has evolved since we named our first Legal Rebels in 2009—and there are now positions at law firms and elsewhere that didn’t exist when we first started this project. We asked well-known legal advisers,