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How the Labor and Employment Landscape Might Change with the Stroke of a Pen

By Sean R. Gallagher and Mary Kapsak President Trump has been presented with a number of regulatory issues that could change the labor and employment landscape. Congressional and administrative action is not required to effect all such changes in the

Controversial “Sue your Boss” Bill signed into law

Kate Beckman

by Kate W. Beckman While discrimination by employers with any amount of employees is illegal; until recently, the law in Colorado made a distinction between employers with fifteen or fewer employees.  The previous law limited available remedies, even in cases

Release of Claims in Separation Agreements

Kate Beckman

by Kate W. Beckman Employee reductions in force and “downsizing” are an unfortunate part of the employment relationship.  An employer’s decision to retain certain employees, while terminating or laying off others, may lead the discharged worker(s) to feel that they

Marijuana Testing in the Workplace

Kate Beckman

by Kate W. Beckman On November 6, 2012, Colorado voters passed Amendment 64 which allows for the recreational use of marijuana, thereby expanding the state’s lax marijuana policies following the legalization of medical marijuana use in 2000.[1]  The newest Amendment,

Unemployment Benefits: A Recent Colorado Court of Appeals Case

Kate Beckman

by Kate W. Beckman The Colorado Court of Appeals in Yotes, Inc. v. Industrial Claim Appeals Office, 2013 COA 124 (Co.App.2013) recently heard an appeal from the Industrial Claims Appeals Office regarding unemployment benefits. While rare, unemployment cases do sometimes