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3 Ways To Fund Your Startup

By Catherine Compitello Finding capital is no easy task. Lots of startups struggle early on with where to find the capital they need to bring a great product (or service) to market or to tend to a broken technology in need

SEC Issues Report on Social Media Disclosures

by Trevor A. Crow The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently issued a report of its investigation relating to a Facebook post by Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix, which stated Netflix’s monthly online viewing had exceeded 1 billion hours. The SEC’s

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Is Your Licensing Agreement Really a Franchise? And What Are the Consequences if It Is?

By Laura Liss A franchise is, at its core, a licensing agreement.  So what morphs a commonplace licensing agreement into a franchise? A license becomes a franchise when: One grants another the right engage in a business; Using the grantor’s

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Social Media Policies: Permissible Employer Regulation

By Joel Jacobson Social Media use is rapidly increasing and has become central to the workforce. Employers recognize that public information posted online is useful for monitoring employee activity and the portrayal of the company. However, new technologies result in