A Message from DBA President Janet Drake

Access to justice is critical. People need access to our courts and judicial system, regardless of their economic status, race, gender, sexual preference or age. People need to understand their rights and the processes required to protect those rights. Since the Denver Bar Association’s inception 125 years ago, Denver lawyers have been offering pro bono services to low-income community members needing legal assistance. As attorneys, we are uniquely empowered to help facilitate access to justice for those who need assistance.

Drake-Wonder-WomanThis month, I am asking each of you to make a difference by supporting Metro Volunteer Lawyers.

Metro Volunteer Lawyers was formed in 1966 by a group of Denver Bar Association members who met with clients on Thursday nights. At the time, the program was called the “Thursday Night Bar.” In 1998, the Thursday Night Bar program developed into Metro Volunteer Lawyers. Today, volunteer lawyers work collaboratively with many local bar associations to offer referrals, family law court programs, post-decrees clinics and other specialized programs in the greater Denver area.

How can you make a difference? Easy — put on a superhero cape and attend the Barristers Benefit Ball (cape optional but encouraged). Proceeds from the event support Metro Volunteer Lawyers. If you are unable to attend the party, you can still help by making a monetary donation or by purchasing tickets that can be donated to young lawyers.

The Barristers Benefit Ball started around the same time the Thursday Night Bar changed its name to Metro Volunteer Lawyers. The Ball has generally been a theme-oriented party and a fundraiser. Historically, the party has been quite formal, normally held at a large Denver hotel. This year, we are trying something new and fun. The 2016 Barristers Benefit Ball will be held at the EXDO Event Center on Saturday, April 30. We are celebrating the superheroes at Metro Volunteer Lawyers and the superheroes within ourselves, so pull out your tights and your cape and get ready to soar!

Previously posted on The Docket.