Month: March 2017

Lawyer’s Softball League

The lawyers’ softball league returns to action June 4, with the league running Sunday mornings into August at Crestmoor Park. This is a non-competitive league, friends, family, clients, law-school chums, and complete strangers are welcome. Contact Jack Tanner for more

How to Avoid Professional Burnout

By Melanie Fischer If you wake up in the morning feeling stress, anxiety, or gloom about what the day has in store for you, you might be experiencing burnout. People can feel burnout in just about any aspect of their

Barristers Benefit Ball 2017: Around the World ~ April 29 @ EXDO Event Center

What is the Barristers Benefit Ball and why should I consider going? The Barristers Benefit Ball (BBB) is a celebration of pro bono work. It is an event put on annually by the Denver Bar Foundation, and 100 percent of

Getting Clients: For Lawyers Starting Out or Starting Over — March 30

The DBA has a great program coming up on Thursday, March 30 from 12-1 p.m. at the DBA — Getting Clients – For Lawyers Starting Out or Starting Over. It’s always on your mind, right? “How can I get more

How the Labor and Employment Landscape Might Change with the Stroke of a Pen

By Sean R. Gallagher and Mary Kapsak President Trump has been presented with a number of regulatory issues that could change the labor and employment landscape. Congressional and administrative action is not required to effect all such changes in the

Message From Your Chair Klaralee Charlton

The DBA YLD Executive Council is accepting applications for new board members from now until April 7, 2017. While the Council is an excellent opportunity to become more involved in the Bar, the selection process is competitive and the time

Modern Law Practice Initiative — A Win-Win for Lawyers and Clients

By Erika Holmes The CBA’s Modest Means Task Force has been renamed – the Modern Law Practice Initiative! “Why the new name?” you ask. The reason for the name change is two-fold: first, to stop the misperception that this type

Message from DBA YLD Executive Council Vice Chair

The DBA YLD is seeking new board members for the Executive Council. The Executive Council consists of 11 members who help serve the Denver legal community and its members. Council members identify new strategies to engage the legal community and