Month: January 2017

A Better You: Becoming a Mindful Lawyer

“One of the many benefits of meditation is that you begin to be able to see trouble coming up from inside you before it reaches the surface. This doesn’t mean you never get overly angry or say a careless word,

The DBA YLD Suit Drive was a GREAT Success!

The DBA YLD collected suits for students from low-income families participating in the Mock Trial Competition from Arrupe Jesuit High School and La Academia – Denver Inner City Parish. Members of the DBA YLD board delivered the donations earlier this

Call for Volunteers — Denver Mock Trial Tournament, Feb. 3 and 4

Volunteers are needed for the upcoming Denver High School Mock Trial Tournament — Feb 3 and 4 at the Denver City and County Building! The CBA High School Mock Trial Program affords an excellent opportunity to be involved in a

Immigration Under President Trump

By Courtney Butler Immigration has always been a hot button political topic, and no matter where you fall on the political spectrum, there is no doubt that President Trump and his administration will change immigration policy in a way that

Hanging Your Own Shingle with Kids

By Lara Zarzecki These days, there are so many of us hanging our own shingle for a number of different reasons – flexibility, low overhead, the desire to interact directly with clients and the ability to curate your own clientele

Not Your Typical Mentoring Program — Coffee List Mentoring

By Matthew J. Broderick This past August at a happy hour I had an interesting conversation about legal mentoring.  The happy hour took place at a law firm’s new office space, and after a beer and a tour I found

Office? Where We’re Going, We Won’t Need an Office!

By Doug McQuiston You’ve read about the “paperless” office. You may even be working in one right now. You are already using a wide range of tech tools to do more for more clients in less time. We all know