Month: April 2016

Recent Developments in Legal Technology: ABA TECHSHOW 2016 (Part 1)

By Joel Jacobson I practice with Rubicon Law Group, Ltd., a boutique firm in Denver that handles transactional, business matters and embraces technology. My work experience, my own interest in tech, and my involvement with the Bar Association’s led me

Financial Bites for Baby Sharks: Your Greatest Asset

By Drew Hefflefinger, CFP® The ability to generate income is typically a young professional’s greatest financial asset. To keep life afloat today and build for the future requires regular incoming cash flow. To break this down there are two primary

Books for New Lawyers from the CBA’s Lending Library

By Sue Bertram Here are a few books we have in our lending library to help the new attorney. For more information about this title and many others in the CBA’s Law Practice Management Library, visit the Lending Library page or contact Sue Bertram

DBA Court Mediation Services

By Jeanne Busacca The DBA Court Mediation Services (CMS) program is an extraordinary resource for Denver area attorneys, the courts and the community. Its mission is to “improve the effectiveness of the Denver justice system by providing the highest quality

Financial Bites for Baby Sharks: Students Loans [Part Two]

By Drew Hefflefinger, CFP®                Consolidation, income-driven repayment and private refinancing are three commonly confused topics in the student loan world. All can help customize repayment, however, all are very different. In repayment it is worthwhile to understand the options and

Networking with Men: A Key to Career Success

By Ida Abbott Overall, women are surprisingly ineffective at networking for business. In particular, they are not very effective at networking with men. Multiple studies have shown that women naturally form relationships and networks with women within and across organizational