Month: February 2016

Historical Headnotes: A Case Study of a Research Problem

By Amelia Landenberger This article began as a case study of a legal research problem: how to properly attribute a note that was printed in the margins of a historical case reporter. The article guides the reader through various methods

Reflections on My New iPad: The Ethical Implications of Technology

By James S. Bailey Congratulate me — my New Year brings me a new iPad. As I begin the process of preparing my iPad for its new life and workload, I am reminded of the ethical implications of technology and my

Can We Talk? Bias, Diversity, and Inclusiveness in the Colorado Legal Community: Part II — Diversity

By Ronald M. Sandgrund This is the fourth article series by The InQuiring Lawyer addressing a topic that Colorado lawyers may consider often but may not discuss publicly in much depth. The topics in this column are being explored through dialogues

DBA Member Highlight: 10 Questions with Philip Lietaer

Philip Lietaer assumed the role of Director of MVL upon Dianne Van Voorhees’s departure on January 7, 2016.

A Message from DBA President Janet Drake

Access to justice is critical. People need access to our courts and judicial system, regardless of their economic status, race, gender, sexual preference or age. People need to understand their rights and the processes required to protect those rights. Since

What’s Up With Your Elevator Speech?

By Paul Miller Since getting out there and meeting the masses is important to generating new business, having an effective elevator speech (or pitch) is a marketing tool that every lawyer needs. It communicates to prospective clients, who you are,

Law Student Chronicles: I Just Felt Like Running

By Deanna Alfred At the start of 2016, I knew that I would be one of 26,000 to run in the Los Angeles Stadium to Sea Marathon. Because most of you don’t know me personally, I will share a well-established

The Power of Attorney Clinic: An Easy Way to do Pro Bono Work

By Joey Scott How does a young lawyer begin fulfilling the ethical aspiration in Rule 6.1 of the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct to provide 50 hours of pro bono legal services every year? If you’re a young lawyer, you

Most lawyers are introverted, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing

By Leslie E. Gordon As a child, Airina Rodrigues was an early reader and, by choice, spent a lot of time alone. “I had friends,” she recalls, “but I needed time alone to unwind and decompress. That’s where I gained

The Lawyer’s Guide To Facebook Etiquette

By Gary J. Ross I like Facebook. It’s been great getting back in touch with (some) people, seeing other sides to folks I know from work or the home life of friends I know from social events, finding out about

How to Know When You’re Ready to Go Solo

By Melanie Fischer You may have considered the possibility of opening your own solo practice. You may be quite sure that you want to open your own firm, but you may be less sure about the best time frame. Should