Month: January 2016

Intrapreneurship: The Junior Associate Path to Business Development Success

By Jay Harrington It’s widely accepted that law schools don’t do a very good job — or in many cases don’t do anything at all — to teach law students how to develop business. Many commentators lament this failure, criticizing schools for

Can We Talk? Bias, Diversity, and Inclusiveness in the Colorado Legal Community: Part I—Implicit Bias

By Ronald M. Sandgrund This is the fourth article series by The InQuiring Lawyer addressing a topic that Colorado lawyers may consider often but may not discuss publicly in much depth. The topics in this column are being explored through

Stressed? Make Time for Healthier Habits in the New Year

By Nancy E. Rice I stopped at a little greasy-spoon diner recently and saw these wise words on the wall: “Desserts is Stressed Spelled Backwards.” How very profound that statement is.

Creating Work-Life Balance as a Solo Attorney

By Melanie Fischer Everyone wants to find the right work-life balance. No matter the profession, the ability to balance your life at work with your life at home can be a struggle. Especially in your early professional years, it can

Want to attend a law school with better job and bar-exam outcomes? It will cost you

By Debra Cassens Weiss Law students typically pay higher tuition to attend schools with better job and bar passage rates, according to an analysis oflaw school questionnaire data released by the ABA in December.

Law Student Chronicles: In a Crisis of Faith God’s Grace is Enough

By Shaquille Turner The first semester of my third-year in law school was accompanied by a crisis of faith. I had a momentary bout with amnesia. I forgot how I made it to the third-year, and for that reason I

CBA/DBA Joint Management: 75 Years Later

By Jessica Volz Your bar association is special in many ways. The CBA is one of only two state bars that require members to belong to a local bar association.1 Whereas the CBA promotes local bar associations, other state bars

Volunteer Corner: Colorado Attorneys for the Arts

By Meredith Badler and Dave Ratner Colorado Attorneys for the Arts (CAFTA) is a new program from the Colorado Business Committee for the Arts (CBCA) that connects artists and creative businesses with volunteer lawyers providing pro bono services.

A Call for Additional Federal Judges

By Sean R. Gallagher and James M. Lyons In 1984, Apple introduced a new personal computer that it called the Macintosh. The murder rate in Cabot Cove, Maine far exceeded the national rate, largely because of the year’s top television

A Message from CBA President Loren Brown: Renew Your Spark

One of the great things about being CBA president is getting the opportunity to be involved in many great events throughout the year. Looking back at 2015, one of the most impactful events I took part in was the swearing-in

A Message from DBA President Janet Drake

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month, so this seemed like the perfect month to highlight the progress that the anti-human trafficking movement is making in Colorado.