Year: 2016

First Semester of Law School: Has Stress Ever Been This Real?

By Jessica Cordero As a graduation newborn, I thought studying for the LSAT was hard. I remember considering all of the brilliant people out there going through the same process and wondering if they thought it was just as hard.

Legal Marketing Etiquette in the 21st Century

By Meranda M. Vieyra Good etiquette doesn’t cost a thing. Bad etiquette can cost you everything. In the legal industry, we have our own ways, customs, standards and norms when it comes to marketing etiquette. Lawyers can use etiquette as

Building Our Dreams: The Finances of Law Firm Startups

By Drew Hefflefinger Who is tired of making someone else’s dream come true? The sacrifice, the hours, the faceless P&L reports. Learning how passionate and dedicated attorneys are, it is no wonder that many seek entrepreneurship as a means of

DBA YLD Member Highlight: William Benjamin King

1. Why did you become a lawyer? It has always been in my nature to be protective of others. The word “advocate” comes from the Latin word advocātus, which means to be “called to one’s aid.” Being a lawyer allows

Pro Bono, Public Interest and More: A Look at a Student-Led Initiative to Elevate the Public Good at Denver Law

By Alexi Freeman and Katie Steefel “The first thing I lost in law school was the reason I came.” This famous line from well-known law professor Bill Quigley’s article, “Letter to a Law Student Interested in Social Justice,” has represented

Women in the Legislature

By Jill Mullen, In 2016, Colorado had the highest percentage of women in the legislature in the entire country with 42% of the Colorado legislature being female politicians. This anomaly was the inspiration behind the documentary “Strong Sisters: Elected Women

An Encounter with Justice Sotomayor from Two Perspectives

By Karina Rocha and Melissa Austin Through the Eyes of Karina Rocha On September 1, 2016, my friend Melissa Austin and I had the opportunity to attend Justice Sotomayor’s VIP event in Denver. This event was limited to 100 people,

Mount Saint Vincent Volunteer Day

By Robin Hoogerhyde, On Saturday, November 5, members of the Denver Bar Association Young Lawyer’s Division met at Saint Ann’s Lodge in Bailey, Colorado, to help clean the Lodge for the children and staff of Mount Saint Vincent Home. Mount

Seat at the Bar: The Denver Colorado Lawyers for Colorado Veterans Clinic Is Busy!

By Doug Tumminello, It is estimated that veterans make up one third of the adult homeless population. A considerable number of veterans are in need of legal help but are unable to afford attorneys. The monthly Colorado Lawyers for Colorado

Using Social Media to Network

By Melanie Fischer, Social media. You probably either love it or hate it. But regardless of your personal feelings about social media, it’s a fantastic tool that can be used to connect with prospective clients. When it comes to using

FREE Webinar—Seven Steps to Going Solo—Tuesday, Nov. 15

Are you thinking about hanging your shingle? Every lawyer—at some point—considers opening their own law firm. Running your own practice means your name is on the letterhead. There are no partners to placate, and all the proceeds go directly into

Hoops and Ladders

By Caitlin Stover As I walk in, my heart is racing. Over and over again, I remind myself of the early mornings, the late nights, the exhaustion. I remember the dreams, the fears and the passion behind today. In my

DBA Member Highlight ~ Megan Rose

Read more about the DBA’s new representative to the American Bar Association, Megan Rose.

Game of Loans: Interest Is Coming

By Drew Hefflefinger Consolidation, income-driven repayment and private refinancing are three student loan repayment strategies. By understanding their pros and cons, the borrower is better able to make an educated and informed decision tailored to their financial circumstances.

Law Student Chronicles: “Bar” Star by Day. Law Student by Night.

By Rebecca Spence As I walked off the elevator on the ninth floor of my downtown office space, I sleepily lugged my overstuffed book bag to my desk and plugged in my password to fire up my desktop. Before August

How Lawyers Can Maximize Their Presence on LinkedIn in Five Smart Steps

By Meranda Vieyra LinkedIn is one of the most powerful networking and social selling tools available for professionals — including lawyers.The company advertises that more than 450 million people are registered users; this number literally grows by the second (two

So, How Do You Look?

By Merrilyn Astin Tarlton The first — and most important — marketing steps that any young lawyer must take are to:

Webinar: Successful Start—Cultivating Your Professional Profile

By Pilar Rodarte Your YLD: Successful Start—Cultivating Your Professional Profile from Colorado Bar Association on Vimeo.   Look for more information videos by the CBA Young Lawyers Division in the coming months.

Top Ten Networking Tips—Infograph

By Emma Garrison

A Message from DBA President Nancy Cohen

“Lawyers have a license to practice law, a monopoly on certain services. But for that privilege and status, lawyers have an obligation to provide legal services to those without wherewithal to pay, to respond to needs outside themselves, to help