Month: June 2015

Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks: Practical Advice For New Lawyers

By Grover E. Cleveland Q: What do I need to do to succeed as a summer associate? Are there differences between what I need to do as a summer and a first-year associate? 

The Colorado Supreme Court Bans Lone Pine Orders

By Kristi Dorr We’re back. Nearly two years ago, I wrote a piece for this blog about a toxic tort Court of Appeals case, Strudley v. Antero Resources Corp., alleging personal injuries due to hydraulic fracturing. The Colorado Supreme Court

Lawyers Go Zen, With Few Objections

By Jacob Gershman Attorneys reconsider the profession’s ‘Rambo’ image in favor of a more meditative, laid-back style

Networking Tips for Attorneys: Turning Contacts into Connections

Great networkers know how to “work a room!” These attorneys are easy to spot. They’re circulating with grace and ease, meeting, greeting and talking to people in a way that looks and sounds sincere. It’s obvious they know how to start, develop and end lively and interesting conversations that create meaningful connections.

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Mastering Small Talk

By Dean C. Hirt On April 1, professional speaker, bestselling author, conversation expert, and communication guru, Debra Fine, spoke at the Denver Bar Association offices on the art of small talk. While Fine’s presentation was titled “Small talk…It’s No Joke!”