Month: March 2015

Networking 103: The Follow-Up

By Morgan Gabse What to do with all of those business cards? You picked your crowd, attended some events, and collected business cards. Now what? The earlier posts in this series discussed where to network and how to network at

Submit Your Application for the DBA YLD Council

The DBA-YLD is currently seeking new board members for the Executive Council. The Council consists of 11 members who help serve the Denver legal community and its members. Council members organize networking events, CLE’s and other opportunities for young lawyers.

Five Things that Have NOT Changed Since I Started Practicing Law

By Michael Heatherly In my last post, I described five significant changes in the practice of law that have developed since I got my license in 1991 (less conventional library research, paper replaced by e-documents, more emphasis on marketing, etc.).

Arbitration for New Lawyers: Getting Your Ducks in a Row

By J. Anthony Vittal As courts have become ever more congested, with caseloads outpacing staffing increases and funding levels under the budgetary axe, lawyers and litigants have turned with increasing frequency to arbitration as a mechanism for extrajudicial dispute resolution.

Law Student Chronicles: Likhona Means Hope

By Shaquille Turner This year has been the best year of my life thus far. I was able to visit the African continent—a desire I’ve had for a while that was fulfilled this past summer; I truly feel confident in

Careers in International Law Panels

By Kristi Disney Interested in international law? Looking to expand your horizons? Join CBA YLD for a “Careers in International Law” Panel. We are co-sponsoring two panels: Tuesday March 3, 6:00pm at CU Wolf Law Building Room 207 and Thursday March 5,