Month: April 2014

The Colorado Bar Associations’s Golden Book of Anecdotes and Wisdom—From Attorneys, For Attorneys

In the 1950s, when I was a student at the University of Colorado Law School, we had a professor named Fred Storke who taught Contracts and Conflicts of Law. Looking back, he had great wisdom. Although I am sure none

How to Get Over Your Networking Shyness and Find That New Job

By Sue Matson When you’re in the market for a new job, what’s the same piece of advice you hear over and over?

Law Student Chronicles: 1L Life—The Second Hardest Part of Law School

By Deanna Alfred After finishing my first semester finals, I believed the hardest part of law school was behind me. I endured the fear and trepidation and emerged from it mentally unscathed, but with a possible case of scoliosis (seriously

Law Student Chronicles: Shaquille Turner’s Community

By Shaquille Turner Yesterday I submitted my trial brief, and what I learned from the experience was astounding: Two legal minds really are better than one.

Join the YLD Council—Applications Due Friday, April 25

The DBA YLD is currently seeking new board members for the Executive Council. The Council consists of 11 members who help serve the Denver legal community and its members.

Law Student Chronicles: And Baby Makes Three

By Ty Nagamatsu As you may know, the Law Student Chronicles is a new column giving Docket readers a glimpse into what the typical law school experience is like for today’s law student. I’ll begin my chronicle with the disclaimer

Member Spotlight: Klaralee Charlton

Meet Klaralee Charlton, a Montanan with her JD from the University of Utah and her masters of taxation from DU. Klaralee says she would be a chef if she wasn’t a lawyer. Klaralee works at Katz, Look & Onorato in