Month: March 2014

Special Announcement Regarding Proposed Changes to the Public Interest Loan Forgiveness Program

The Obama Administration’s proposed FY2015 budget includes some changes to student loan programs and public service loan forgiveness (PSLF) programs that may concern law students and young lawyers.

Be a Small-Town Lawyer

Roy Ginsberg

by Roy S. Ginsburg No one needs to remind law students and recent law school graduates about the dismal job market. Only 85 percent of the class of 2012 found a job of any kind post-graduation — and only 64

Member Spotlight: Sara Sharp

Meet Sara Sharp, a former blackjack dealer from Tennessee who is traveling to Nepal next month. Sara says she would be a librarian if she wasn’t a lawyer and describes herself as enthusiastic, happy, literate. Sara works at Fennemore Craig.

Managing Personal Finances During Periods of Unemployment and Underemployment

by Sheila May If you are reading this post, you have taken a crucial first step: You are facing the fact that you’re living on a reduced income. The most important thing you can do, when your income has been

ART Law Basics in Colorado

Or why E! News host Giuliana Rancic and others travel from around the world to Colorado to build their families by Ellen E. Trachman

Crash Course: Preparing for Your First Deposition

by Kevin McReynolds Unlike other types of discovery, depositions give you direct access to your opponent’s information without vetting by counsel.  Opposing counsel can object, but the witness has to answer your questions unless you’re asking for privileged information or

Strategies for Expanding into a New Practice Area

by Debra L. Bruce, JD, PCC Many areas of law practice tend to cycle up and down over time. Savvy attorneys keep enough capital reserves to get them through the predictable lean times. The business volatility in recent years has

A Newly Minted Attorney’s Take on the February Small Firm/Big Success CLE – Online Marketing

by Matt Tanda On February 10 I attended the CBA/CLE program titled “Online Marketing for Solo Practitioners and Small Law Firms,” (see previous post). The lecture was what the title promised and, while I didn’t feel that the entire program