Month: February 2014

What Young (and Old) Lawyers Need to Know About Judges

by Richard A. Posner I welcome this opportunity to talk about what lawyers need to know when arguing a case before a judge or panel of judges. Although much of what I have to say also will relate to argument

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Member Spotlight: Jason Thacher

Meet Jason Thacher, a new lawyer who’s favorite quote is “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!” Peter Sellers playing President Merkin Muffley in Dr. Strangelove.

Controversial “Sue your Boss” Bill signed into law

Kate Beckman

by Kate W. Beckman While discrimination by employers with any amount of employees is illegal; until recently, the law in Colorado made a distinction between employers with fifteen or fewer employees.  The previous law limited available remedies, even in cases

Council Spotlight: Joel Jacobson

Meet your Denver Bar Association Young Lawyer’s Division Executive Council Joel Jacobson is an associate attorney with Rubicon Law Group, Ltd. He practices business law, including formation, transactions, and securities. Joel serves on the Executive Council of the Denver Bar

Law Student Chronicles: Doing Time as a 1L

By Deanna Alfred Originally posted on The overused adage says “time flies when you’re having fun!” Well, that sounds lovely, but what does time do when you’re terrified, inspired, exhilarated, and challenged by your peers and superiors on a