Month: April 2013

Legal Writing Lessons From Harper Lee

By Ryan Jardine Nelle Harper Lee, the author of To Kill a Mockingbird, will celebrate her 87th birthday on Sunday, April 28. This American author, Pulitzer Prize winner and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom provided a role model

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EPA Fuel Regulation: Saving the Renewable Fuels Program

By Elisabeth Hutchinson Last summer, news broke that supposed ethanol producers were fraudulently reaping the benefits of Congress’s efforts to encourage America’s use of renewable fuels through the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) Program. The sale of fraudulent renewable fuel credits, known

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Is Your Licensing Agreement Really a Franchise? And What Are the Consequences if It Is?

By Laura Liss A franchise is, at its core, a licensing agreement.  So what morphs a commonplace licensing agreement into a franchise? A license becomes a franchise when: One grants another the right engage in a business; Using the grantor’s

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Social Media Policies: Permissible Employer Regulation

By Joel Jacobson Social Media use is rapidly increasing and has become central to the workforce. Employers recognize that public information posted online is useful for monitoring employee activity and the portrayal of the company. However, new technologies result in