The Law School Graduate’s Complete Guide to Choosing a Career

By Judge Anthony P. Calisi (ret.)

A career in law has long been considered a smart move and rewarding and not solely from a financial point of view.

The problem for new law school graduates who are seeking out their chosen career path within the legal profession is that there is always very stiff competition for jobs in both the private and public sector.

As this law school graduate’s complete guide to choosing a career ably demonstrates, there are many more opportunities to consider these days and if you are prepared to think outside the box and consider all options, you may well find a career in an area of law you perhaps weren’t originally expecting.

Head Writer: The Honorable Anthony P. Calisi (ret.)

Judge Anthony has over 30 years’ experience in the legal field. He’s been a Personal Injury Attorney, Chief Felony Prosecutor, Criminal Defense Attorney, and he spent 10 years on the bench as a Municipal Judge in Collin County Texas (Dallas). Few attorney-educators have both the range and depth of legal knowledge afforded by Judge Anthony.

Contributor: Charles R. Gueli, Esq.

Charles has been a practicing New York Personal Injury Attorney for over 16 years. He’s worked both sides of the personal injury arena (for insurance companies and injury victims), so he knows all the insurance adjusters’ tricks. He now has his own practice exclusively representing victims of negligence.



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