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How To Get A “Great” Legal Job

By Adam Gropper Law school teaches you a unique way of analytical thinking.  This way of thinking is useful for lawyers grappling with legal issues, and may help you get through law school and pass the bar, but it is

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Networking Tips for Attorneys: Turning Contacts into Connections

Great networkers know how to “work a room!” These attorneys are easy to spot. They’re circulating with grace and ease, meeting, greeting and talking to people in a way that looks and sounds sincere. It’s obvious they know how to start, develop and end lively and interesting conversations that create meaningful connections.

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Gettin’ Gig-y With It: The Roundabout Path to a Job in the “New Economy”

by Ruchi Kapoor Because it is a natural part of the aging process, the Baby Boomers have commenced accusing their own children, the millennials, of being directionless upstarts. As a millennial myself, I am prone to taking umbrage at these

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Hanging Your Shingle: Make A Plan & Network

by Christopher Steele When I graduated in May of 2011, I was extremely discouraged by the lack of prospects in the job market and I wasn’t sure where to turn. Whenever I asked experienced attorneys what I should do, it seemed

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