Networking for lawyers who don’t like networking

By David M. Ward

Think of a professional, business owner, or executive, you know. Got it? Okay, next, think of someone else you know in the same market or community who (you are pretty sure) doesn’t know the first person. This could be a business client, or prospective client.

Now, call the first one and ask if they know the other person. If they don’t, tell them how great they are and tell them you want to introduce them. They might be able to do some business together. They might be able to help each other in some way (write articles, interviews, joint venture, referrals, etc.) Or, they might just meet a kindred spirit.

Next, introduce them. Do a three-way call, or meet for coffee.

Then, get out of the way. Your job is done.

One of the most valuable (and easiest) things you can do in networking is to simply introduce people. In doing so, you are providing value to both. Of course, you’re also helping yourself this way. The two you introduce may not do business together but they will both be grateful that you made an effort to help them.

Networking for lawyers doesn’t have to be formal, time consuming, or awkward. It can be done quickly and over the phone. And it can yield huge benefits.

Think about who you know and who might like to know them. And from now on, when you meet someone new, think about who you know you can introduce them to.

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