Looking for a Few Good Books to Read?

If you missed the April 1 presentation by Debra Fine on small talk, no worries! We have her two books in the CBA’s Lending Library for you to check out.

“The Fine Art of Small Talk: How to Start of Conversation, Keep It Going, Build Networking Skills and Leave a Positive Impression”

Nationally recognized communication expert Debra Fine reveals the techniques and strategies anyone can use to make small talk—in any situation. With practical advice and conversation “cheat sheets,” The Fine Art of Small Talk will help you learn to feel more comfortable in any type of social situation, from lunch with the boss to an association event to a cocktail party where you don’t know a soul.


“The Fine Art of the Big Talk: How to Win Clients, Deliver Great Presentations, and Solve Conflicts at Work”

We all know what it’s like to put off an important conversation at work–whether asking for a raise or promotion, or telling an employee that there’s a problem with his or her performance. Now Debra Fine, conversation and communication guru, shows us how to come out on top of those dreaded office chats–and how to achieve what we want in each situation. Debra includes specific advice on exactly what to say, when to say it, and what body language to use to achieve the desired results.


For more information about this title and many others in the CBA’s Law Practice Management Library, visit the Lending Library page or contact Sue Bertram at 303-824-5372.

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