Council Member Highlight: Vanya Akraboff

Find out more about your DBA Young Lawyers Division Council members. Vanya is a Colorado Supreme Court law clerk who hails from San Francisco who would be a writer if she weren’t an attorney. Find out more about her!

Spotlight: Q & A

Where are you from? San Francisco, CA

Where did you go to undergrad and law school? University of Washington; University of Colorado Law School

Where are you working and what is your practice area? I currently work for the Colorado Supreme Court as a law clerk, so my current practice area is appellate litigation, but I focuVanya Akraboffsed my time in law school on energy/natural resources and general business development issues.

What led you to that practice area? Prior to law school, I worked for a renewable energy advocacy company, which piqued my interest both in the legal field, in general, and in energy/business law issues.

What do you like best about that practice area? I was drawn to those areas because the playing field is very much in flux, and (this holds true for any rapidly changing field) I think that tends to attract smart, talented, passionate dreamers.

Outside of the law, what are your hobbies? Spending time outside – hiking, camping, skiing, lake-swimming, running; reading magazines, short stories, and Thomas Pynchon novels; drawing; seeing the world; and eating good food.

What are you passionate about? Fighting apathy.

Any advice for other, young lawyers? Everything changes.

If you weren’t a lawyer, you’d be? Magazine writer/editor

Favorite place you’ve traveled to: Antarctica, because it was truly a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Favorite book: Catch-22

Favorite Denver restaurant: Currently, Mercantile or Hop Alley, but it changes constantly – those are just the two last exemplary meals I’ve had!

Favorite Spot in Colorado: Indian Peaks Wilderness

Favorite month: July – I love the start of the dog days of summer.

Favorite law school memory: Studying in the “bat cave”-aka our favorite study room-with friends during finals and devolving into delirium as every finals period came and went. In all seriousness, definitely the people I met through law school.

Most random job you have ever had.  Production assistant for an arthouse short film shoot in San Francisco.