Celebrate the DBA Young Lawyer of the Year (our very own council member, Robin Hoogerhyde!) — June 20

The DBA Annual Awards Ceremony and Reception is just around the corner — come help us honor our very own council member Robin Hoogerhyde who will be receiving the Young Lawyer of the Year Award on June 20!!!!

The awards ceremony will take place in the Supreme Court Courtroom from 5:30 to 6 p.m. and will be followed by a reception in the atrium. Other winners being honored include:

• Award of Merit: Sheila Gutterman
• Young Lawyer of the Year: Robin Hoogerhyde
• Judicial Excellence: Judge Maria (Terry) Fox
• Volunteer Lawyers of the Year: Jennifer Holt and Leo Milan
• Outstanding Program/Project: Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program

Free drinks and apps. RSVP today!

Check out the profile of Robin that originally appeared in the June/July issue of The Docket.


Born and raised just north of Boston by parents from Southern California, I always had a sense of adventure. Enjoying Rutgers University’s atmosphere, and after enrolling in the barristers’ program at the University of Glasgow during my semester abroad, I decided to attend law school at the biggest university that would accept me. Michigan State University gave me the campus I desired and the scholarships I needed. And while at MSU, I met my husband, who always wanted to move to Colorado.

I accepted a clerkship with Judge Gilbert Román at the Colorado Court of Appeals, and I liked it so much that I have refused to leave. I have had the immense luck of being Judge Dennis Graham’s permanent law clerk since 2010. I’ve grown personally and professionally under his mentorship.

My DBA membership has been invaluable. Appellate practice is insular at times, and by joining the DBA, I have met all sorts of wonderful lawyers from all practice areas. My membership has also provided me with opportunities to get involved in the larger Denver community through service projects and social events.

Being selected as the Young Lawyer of the Year is a huge honor. When I received the call, I immediately thought back to a conversation I had with my grandmother when I told her I was going to law school. A devout Catholic, she looked me right in the eye and said, “Good. Now you can help poor people.” Her highest and best self was when she was helping others, and while I dare not compare myself to her (she raised eight children on a police officer’s salary and ALWAYS ate her greens), I am glad that I am making her proud.