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The CBA Ethics Committee is Here to Help

The CBA Ethics Committee is a standing committee comprised of about 90 attorneys, and meets throughout the year on the third Saturday of each month. Each year, the committee adds between 5-10 new members, while some older members have been

Reflections on My New iPad: The Ethical Implications of Technology

By James S. Bailey Congratulate me — my New Year brings me a new iPad. As I begin the process of preparing my iPad for its new life and workload, I am reminded of the ethical implications of technology and my

Managing Risk: What If Your Assumptions Are Wrong?

By Mark Bassingthwaighte Everyone makes assumptions. You might be surprised, though, at how many malpractice claims result merely from a lawyer working under a false assumption.Take the attorney who allows her workload to grow beyond a reasonable level — she might not

The Nuts & Bolts of a Contingency Fee Agreement

by Richard Gama Your Fee Agreement should be a comprehensive and unambiguous memorialization of your promises to your new client and your new client’s promises to you. If it’s not, it can lead to costly and uncomfortable disputes between you

How to Respond When You Disagree With Your Client’s Decisions

By Laura Liss For lawyers both new and experienced, there will come a time when a client wishes to pursue something you have advised against. This time came for me in late September.